Corporate Plan 2021-2024

Our new Corporate Plan for 2021-2024 has been launched. It is an update to our previous plan and outlines how we intend to grow and deliver set against the background of a tough operating environment.

We’ve developed the plan with help from our Directors, EMT and Board and we've also used resident feedback and engaged with residents in developing our ideas. 

Our plans for the next few years have also been heavily influenced by our operating environment. This includes:

The impact of and recovery from the pandemic; new building safety laws to make homes safe; the need to increase energy efficiency and move towards zero carbon, making homes more sustainable; changes to supply chains and the economy after leaving the EU; the wider ongoing housing crisis; a growing momentum to acknowledge and address inequality; changing social housing regulation in the Social Housing White Paper; long term funding issues in public services and housing and our own financial security after four years of rent reductions.

The new Corporate Plan

We’ll be responding to this by focusing on five key areas that make up our strategic objectives:

  • Strengthening our finances
  • Building trust, transparency and accountability
  • Investing in our homes, strengthening our communities
  • Listening to our residents
  • Empowering our people

Download our plan:

To read the plan in full download a copy here (10.3MB)