Commercial property

As well as homes we rent out commercial properties to a range of businesses. If you rent commercial property from us, this information will be useful.


If you rent a commercial property from us, then your lease will tell you whether a repair should be carried out by yourself or the Group.

Typically we're responsible to carry out repairs to the roof, structure and general exterior of the blocks where our commercial units are located. As a commercial tenant, you're responsible for repairs inside your commercial unit and to the shopfront (if there is one). However, please consult your lease to clarify exactly where repairs responsibility lies for your unit.

If a repair is our responsibility, then please contact us on 020 7324 1218 or  during office hours. If the repair is an emergency and occurrs outside of office hours, then please click here to find the appropriate number to call.

Rent and service charge payments

You must your rent and service charges before or on their due date. To make a payment, please use the bank account details and account reference listed on your invoice.

Buildings Insurance

Generally we will insure the structure of our commercial properties as part of our buildings insurance policy. We will recharge you your share of this, either through your service charge or as a one-off invoice.

Read The Summary of Cover for 2020/21 here

An excess of £250.00 is payable for most claims; with an excess of £1,000.00 payable for claims relating to subsidence.

It is the responsibility of the commercial tenant to make a claim against the policy and to pay the excess. To make a claim, please call the insurers Zurich on 0800 335 500 quoting policy reference JHA-22S168-0023.

Please note that the Buildings Insurance policy does not cover any loss of, or damage to the contents of a commercial property. You are responsible for obtaining business insurance, including for the contents of your unit.

If you’re unsure whether we insure you building, please check your lease or contact us using the details below.

General enquiries

Please contact us on 020 7324 1218 or