COVID 19 - Coronavirus updates

The health, safety and well-being of residents and the public

Your wellbeing is our priority and Southern Housing Group is committed to ensuring our essential services remain in place during these unprecedented times. 

You will be aware of the current national emergency that has been declared by the government in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The coronavirus, commonly called Covid-19 is causing a serious health crisis. It is also badly affecting the global economy. The combination of these two factors means that everyone will feel the effects. 

In the pages within this section you will find the information you need about how Southern Housing are reacting, what services we are able to provide you, along with resources that will help to keep you safe, healthy and active.

Shg Coronaicons As020420 Stepbystep

Back to business step by step

How we're planning to bring services back safely

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Coronaicons Problems With Rent

Rents & Accounts

Concerned about your rent payments, managing money or simply seeking advice?

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Coronaicons Sheltered Residents

Elderly residents

Supporting our elderly residents in this time of need is crucial. Read for our approach and FAQs

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Coronaicons Community


How we as a Group are supporting our Communities in this time of need...

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Coronaicons Employment


Find out which companies are currently recruiting and how to get in touch

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Coronaicons Health And Safety

Coronavirus: Health & safety

Our guidance to keep safe whilst isolating at home

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Coronaicons Fire Safety

Fire safety

Tips on how to prevent cases of fire and make your home a safe environment during the quarantine

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Coronaicons Sales And Lettings

Sales & Lettings

Updates from our Sales and Lettings department

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