Efficiency and effectiveness

Our customers are the focus of everything we do, so we’re constantly reviewing our business practices to reduce waste, increase productivity and improve the quality of our services.

We use an approach known as Lean Systems Thinking to review our processes and have adopted a management and leadership culture that embraces lean principles.

If we’re making changes to our business we are guided by the following principles:

1)      The safety of our staff, customers and the public is our first priority

2)      The benefits of any change must be measured against the risk of causing harm or deterioration

3)      The benefits must be measurable and make a real difference to our customers’ lives

4)      We treat our colleagues on a personalised and individual basis – we know everyone’s different and we value the individuals that make up our teams

5)      We never reveal confidential information, but we will be as transparent as possible throughout any change process, explaining our decisions and giving support and guidance

6)      We consult with colleagues throughout any change process, and while senior management make the final decisions, they take into account the views and opinions of colleagues

7)      The benefits of change must be sustainable, supporting the long term aims of the organisation