Preventing financial crime


Financial crime impacts Southern Housing Group and you, our residents, by reducing our capacity to provide social housing to those entitled to it.

We have recently developed our processes in regards to preventing financial crime and we’re making ongoing improvements.We’re employing a zero-tolerance approach to tenancy fraud which can destabilise communities, attract crime and anti-social behaviour.

Tenancy fraud occurs when a resident or potential resident breaches certain terms of their lease or agreement or misleads the landlord to secure a tenancy – it could include application fraud, unlawful subletting, wrongly claimed succession, key selling, unlawful assignment or false right to buy/ acquire. There are a number of laws and regulations related to fraud and the consequence of breaking them can include fines, imprisonment and repayment of any profit made from fraudulent activity.

At Southern Housing Group we undertake a number of activities which you may already be aware of … we carry out regular tenancy audits to make sure the right people are living in the property, we work with other social landlords and statutory agencies to detect fraud, we take action to regain possession of properties and recover any unlawful profits made by residents if we find evidence of tenancy fraud, we conduct due diligence on our right to buy/ acquire applications, we report suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities, we protect residents through our safeguarding approach.

We need your help! You are our eyes and ears in your local communities. Please inform us about any suspicious activity in your neighbourhood, this could include people moving in and out of a property more often than normal, a lot of people living in a property, someone collecting rent from neighbours or neighbours who don’t know when the rubbish is collected.

We’ll keep you updated on good news stories where we have been able to identify tenancy fraud and return housing to those who need and are entitled to it.