The Biodiversity Toolkit (PDF)


The Biodiversity Toolkit is designed to help estate managers choose appropriate management options to help improve biodiversity and engage residents in green spaces on their estate(s).

The following biodiversity management options are drawn from many sources from different organisations, societies and scientific research. This is not a comprehensive list of all the possible management options there are, but rather a shortened list covering many of the most simple and effective management options which have been shown to help improve the quality of urban green spaces for wildlife at relatively low cost.  

The biodiversity management options are broken down into six themes:



Many of these options have benefits for a wide range of wildlife and are placed within the themes based on the where most evidence of benefits has been documented and to make the options easier to use.

Each management option includes information on:

  • Suitability for different housing densities
  • Benefits and costs of implementation
  • How to implement and ongoing maintenance
  • How to monitor success

Download the Biodiversity Toolkit PDF here .