Frequently asked questions

This page was last updated on 13 July 2021

What are you doing to ensure residents are safe?

We have taken advice from fire engineers and the London Fire Brigade, and have been told that we have all the appropriate measures in place to ensure that residents remain safe at all times.

Why is this process taking so long?

We appreciate that this has been a long process for you and your neighbours. Once EVML understood the buildings in the plot contained ACM material, they acted to ensure that all that material was removed quickly. This work was completed in December 2020.

Since then, we have been working to co-ordinate the work required in order to restore new panelling to the buildings in a safe and speedy manner. The work has now begun and will be completed this winter.

Separately, EVML inspected other areas of the external walls and found some defects not related to the ACM. The programme to inspect the blocks across East Village was technically complex; in particular, there were some difficulties getting behind the concrete panels in your plot.

EVML are working with the fire engineers to resolve the issues. They require careful considerations by suitably qualified professionals and we hope to have an update from a new fire engineers assessment in July.

Can I stay in my home during the repanelling work? 

The ACM remediation works does not require you to move out.

We may need access to some homes where there is lighting on the affected balconies. We’ll contact you to arrange a suitable appointment.

Who is paying for this work?

We were informed in April 2021 that the MHCLG had approved the EVML application for the ACM Remediation Fund. This means that the work that was undertaken in October 2021 to remove the ACM material, and the work to install new panelling will be covered by government funds.

It is possible that additional work will be required once the work starts so we are unable to give you an exact indication of the likely costs. If more work is required, we will, of course, seek to obtain funding for this work where we can. As soon as we have some more information, we will give you an indication of the cost.

I’m trying to sell or remortgage my home – how will this impact on that?

Leaseholders looking to sell, staircase or remortgage may be asked by their lender or potential buyer for a copy of the EWS1 form. We do not currently have these for Kotata House or Tayberry House.

We are waiting for additional information about mitigating measures (such as smoke alarms) to enable the blocks to pass without the need for remedial work.

Further evaluation is being undertaken by the fire engineers. We are currently waiting for feedback and this will inform the scope of any work and/or mitigating measures to address the issues in the external wall system. As soon as we hear, we will let you know.

What is the latest RICS EWS1 guidance for these buildings?

As all of the blocks in N07 are over 18m, they are not affected by recent changes to RICS guidance. They still require an EWS1 form.

How can I find out more?

We'll be updating these pages whenever there is new information.