Project overview

This page was last updated on 17 February 2022

Triathlon Homes has residents in four blocks in N07 - Merle Mansions, Calla House, Kotata House and Tayberry House.

The blocks are above 18m in height. The buildings were completed in 2012, and were certified as meeting all building and fire safety regulations at the time they were built.

In 2019, the government produced new guidance to check the safety of the external wall systems in tall buildings. As a result, building management teams across the country must now make sure all tall buildings are compliant with the guidance and safety defects are addressed.

What steps have been taken at N07?

1. The building work to remove the ACM panels is now complete and EVML has received the completion certificates giving assurance about the quality of the work. EVML is now working with the Greater London Authority to approve the final account. Once this is done, we’ll update you to confirm the amount of grant received and any balance. All of the work on your block was eligible for funding and we are not expecting a shortfall although this has not yet been confirmed.  

2. Government funding for the removal and replacement of the ACM material has been confirmed by the MHCLG.

Over recent weeks, you may have seen EVML’s contractor, Arkle, and the fire risk assessor undertaking some investigations in your building. This was for a Type 2 Fire Risk Assessment. This assessment provides more detail to assess whether the fire breaks in the stair core areas are well constructed. The focus has been on any external walls to the stair core. The Fire Risk Assessors are not able to approve the proposed mitigating measures without certainty that the escape routes have adequate protection. 

These investigations have now finished. EVML will pass the outcome of the assessment to the fire engineers so they can be specific about the exact mitigating measures required in your building, and/or whether remedial work will need to be undertaken. EVML expect to receive the engineer’s report and findings by the end of March 2022. As soon as we have any further information about the findings, and what this means for you, we will let you know. 

What issues were found within these buildings?

You can read about the Fire Engineer's preliminary findings for Kotata House and Tayberry House.

What happens next?

1. We will update residents regarding the findings of the Type 2 FRA in the Spring.

2. EVML is already preparing for the findings of the reports with a view to start a tender process for the work recommended by the fire engineers.  The works to your building are likely to form part of a wider contract across a number of plots. EVML wants to ensure there is a focus on higher risk areas as well as managing any programme so it delivers cost efficiency. The potential work required includes measures to ensure escape routes are adequately protected, and installation of smoke detectors in your home. The exact requirement will be specified by the fire engineer and we’ll circulate this information to you when we have it.