Project overview

This page was last updated 16 July 2021

Triathlon Homes has residents in all of the blocks in the N10 plot - These pages focus on Tucana Heights and Vega House.

The buildings are above 18m in height. The plot was completed in 2012, and were certified as meeting met all building and fire safety regulations at the time it was built.

In 2019, the government produced new guidance to check the safety of the external wall systems in tall buildings. As a result, building management teams across the country must now make sure all tall buildings are compliant with the guidance and safety defects are addressed.

Tucana Heights and Vega House were given a B1 EWS rating in February 2021. The EWS1 forms for these buildings are available in the Important Documents section. 

All buildings in the plot received a B1 EWS rating.