Project overview

This page was last updated 20 July 2021


Triathlon Homes has residents in all of the blocks in plot N14 - These pages focus on Asterid Heights and Festuca House.

Both of these blocks are above 18m in height. The buildings were completed in 2012, and were certified as meeting all building and fire safety regulations at the time they were built.

In 2019, the government produced new guidance to check the safety of the external wall systems in tall buildings. As a result, building management teams across the country must now make sure all tall buildings are compliant with the guidance and safety defects are addressed.

What steps have been taken at N14?

1. Inspections undertaken and completed

2. The findings of fire engineers have been received and reviewed.

3. EVML has begun the specification and tender process

EVML has commissioned a project team to prepare a specification and price the remedial work required. EVML has been engaging with their fire engineers about the best technical solutions and is looking at how to ensure minimum disruption to residents.

4. An initial application to the Building Safety Fund has been submitted.

Both of the blocks were registered for the Building Safety Fund in Summer 2020 and since then EVML has shared the additional information from the inspection reports with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG).  
The MHCLG’s Building Safety Fund (BSF) has approved Festuca House as eligible for the fund. This means that they have invited a more detailed application and EVML has prepared for this. At the moment this doesn’t guarantee that funding will be secured – it just means that the technical work required at Festuca House is eligible for the fund. The information for the detailed application has been submitted to the BSF. We’ll contact you to give you more information shortly.
So far, the MHCLG has not undertaken the same eligibility check for Asterid Heights and we’ll let you know when we hear. We are concerned that despite the building defects, parts of the building will not meet the threshold for funding because some of the insulation materials are non-combustible. It is only in the lower brickwork where there is combustible insulation. EVML is seeking clarity on this. EVML has begun the process of preparing the proposed technical solution.

What issues were found within these buildings?

You can read more information regarding the issued found at Asterid Heights and Festuca House