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22 October 2021

This afternoon, we were been informed by EVML that the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities (formerly MHCLG) has confirmed that Chroma Mansions and Kaleidoscope House are both eligible for the Building Safety Fund.

Although this does not mean that funding is guaranteed, and EVML still has to undergo a rigorous process to secure the funding, it is a significant step forwards. I hope the news will alleviate some anxiety. 

EVML has already undertaken a significant amount of the work required for the next stage, and will prioritise providing the BSF with the detail they require and any necessary liaison.

We have not yet had confirmation for all buildings in the N26 plot, but we are hopeful that similar news will soon be on the way for residents of other blocks in the plot.

If you have any further questions, please contact BuildingSafety@triathlonhomes.com 

16 November 2021 Building Safety Update for Chroma Mansions & Kaleidoscope House

21 July 2021 Waking Watch Relief Funding awarded to N26

9 July 2021 Update for residents in N26

25 June 2021 Update for leaseholders in N26

12 May 2021 EVML issues Section 20 Notice of Intention to carry out works

12 May 2021 Fire test and drill to take place 20 May 

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