Fire safety in flats and shared buildings

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  • Don’t leave fire doors open – their purpose is to stop the spread of a fire. Let us know if you notice any damage or faults to fire doors or self-closer door fixings, so that we can fix them.
  • Make sure you know the fire safety arrangements for your block – do you know the evacuation policy? Read the fire action notices for your building, and if still unsure then please contact us.
  • Never use a lift to escape – you run the risk of being trapped.
  • If you have elderly or vulnerable residents, consider how you could safely help them in a case of emergency.
  • Keep all exits and communal corridors clear. Please let us know if you notice others are blocking corridors and if you’d like us to speak to them.
  • Keep mobility scooters out of corridors or near exits.
  • If you are concerned and an elderley resident or situated in a sheltered scheme resident, speak with your housing officer who will arrange a risk assessment to agree a plan or arrange a Home safety visit.