Tenancy fraud

Tenancy fraud is something we take very seriously. Not only is it a criminal offence, but it stops our homes from being used by the people who need them the most. So, if we suspect it, we will tackle it. 

If you’re unsure of what tenancy fraud is or how you can help us prevent it, we’ve put together some useful information telling you everything you need to know.

What is tenancy fraud? 

Tenancy fraud is committed when:

  • A resident is living somewhere else without our knowledge or consent
  • A person is living in a Southern Housing Group without our knowledge or consent
  • False information is provided in order to obtain a tenancy agreement

If you’re a Southern Housing Group resident and carrying out tenancy fraud, this is a breach of your tenancy agreement and against the law.  To end your tenancy with us please call 01403 220440 or to complete an online tenancy termination form, click here.

Support for subtenants

In some cases, subtenants are not aware that they have been unlawfully subletting a property.  If you have been a victim of unlawfully subletting, please call our service centre on 01403 220440 for advice.

What are we doing to prevent tenancy fraud?

We have put in place a variety of security measures to prevent tenancy fraud happening.  We also work with Local Authorities and other partners to share information and best practice on how to tackle tenancy fraud.

How can you help?

Customers are the eyes and ears of our neighbourhoods.  If you suspect it, report it.

We treat any information you give us with the utmost of confidence and your identity will be kept anonymous.  We do ask that you give us as much detail as possible however as the more information we have, the better chance we have to putting a stop to tenancy fraud!

You can contact us on: