Anti-social behaviour

We take anti-social behaviour seriously and believe everyone should feel safe in their home and local community. We are committed to providing you with an excellent service and if anti-social behaviour is affecting your quality of life, our trained teams are here to help and advise you. We will work with you to stop anti-social behaviour.

What is anti-social behaviour?

The types of behaviour we consider to be anti-social include (but are not limited to):

  • unreasonable noise
  • harassment
  • verbal or physical abuse
  • damaging or putting graffiti on any of our properties or within the neighbourhood
  • behaving in an intimidating manner
  • domestic abuse
  • hate crime
  • substance misuse or drug dealing

Download our anti-social behaviour leaflet for more information on the types of cases we deal with.

Please click here for our anti-social behaviour and hate crime policy.

What is not anti-social behaviour?

Some kinds of day-to-day behaviour can be annoying but we would not consider them as anti-social behaviour. For example:

  • normal household noise, eg. vacuuming, children playing inside, children crying, occasional door slamming
  • smells from cooking
  • one off parties including BBQs (providing they don’t cause an unacceptable disturbance)
  • DIY within sociable hours
  • noisy plumbing or appliances
  • parking disputes

Our customer service teams can still help resolve these types of issues but they would not be investigated as anti-social behaviour.