How you can help

We rely on evidence to help us stop anti-social behaviour. The best evidence comes from people that have witnessed or been affected by the behaviour.

When you report anti-social behaviour we will ask you to keep a record of any further incidents. Diary sheets are the best way of gathering information but there are other options we can offer e.g. reporting by e mail and using a dictaphone. Let us know which the best way is for you.

If you can do so safely then taking pictures or video on your mobile of the incident or the aftermath can be very helpful. Please do not put yourself at any risk to do this.

We will work hard to gather as much evidence as possible and this may include contacting other people in the area who may have witnessed the incidents. In some extreme cases we may need to use a professional witness. If we still can’t get enough evidence then we may not be able to proceed with the case.

There are other ways that you can help stop anti-social behaviour:

  • Speaking to the neighbour first if the case does not involve threats, violence or harassment. We have a card to help you do this.
  • Participating in mediation where trained experts can help you resolve the problem.
  • Report incidents to the police, or another agency such as the local authority or Environmental Health Team.