Our commitment to you

We want to give you the best customer service so we’ve set out some basic commitments to you so you know what to expect from our teams. You can also agree other timescales with the officer helping you.  

When you report and we agree that an incident is anti-social behaviour we will:

  • Contact you within two working days, unless your case is extremely serious in which case we will contact you within 24 hours.
  • Log a case and give you a reference number.
  • Agree an action plan with some initial timescales and give you a copy.
  • Keep your information confidential and only share information with other agencies with your permission, and where it is lawful to do so.
  • Contact you every two weeks (or as often as you agree with us) to get updates from you, gather evidence, check on your wellbeing and let you know how the case is progressing.
  • Contact you before we close your case, and confirm by letter summarising the work we have done and the reasons for the case closure.

We may contact you after the case is closed to make sure you were happy with the service.