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These pages were last updated on 6 May 2021

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We would like to let you know that the scaffolding currently in place at Ducketts Apartments will be removed from early w/c 3 May 2021.

We have been speaking with our contractor about using the existing scaffolding for the required building safety work, but unfortunately, we have been told that the scaffolding has been allocated elsewhere.

Whilst this might be frustrating, it will give us time to further investigate our legal position regarding a potential claim to a third party and the solutions open to us to cover remediation works to the building.  We will provide you with further information on this as soon as we have it.

We are planning to complete some works to the balconies around the entrance to the car park adjacent to the bin stores, but we will provide further communication in due course once we have discussed this with our contractor.   

Residents will receive letters over the next few days to advise that dismantling of the rear scaffold will commence on Wednesday,12 May 2021.

We constantly update the information on this page so please refer back for the latest revision.

We have included all of the information that we currently have here, but if you have further questions that are not covered in our Q&A document, please contact the project team at 

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Current fire safety advice

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Project overview

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Important documents

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