Ada Lewis House

These pages were last updated on 23 July 2021

Update 2 - July 2021

Update 1 - February 2021 

We have received a number of requests for information regarding they type of build and the material used at Ada Lewis House. We are in the process of locating this information, and we are willing to share this with residents if it is available. However, some of the material may not be available to us.

We have commissioned an intrusive survey by a qualified fire engineer to investigate this further, and we are awaiting a date for this inspection to take place. We will communicate with residents once we have this.

Once we have the report, we will share the findings with residents.

All of the information we have will be hosted on this microsite, and our team will be unable to respond to individual requests. If you do have a question which is not covered by our Q&A document, then please email and we will ensure that all residents have access to the information.

Find out more about what is happening at Ada Lewis House in the sections below:

We constantly update the information on this page so please refer back for the latest revision

Current Safety Advice

Current fire safety advice

Current fire safety advice specific to the location

Project Overview

Project overview

Background information on the project

Important Docs

Important documents

Here you will find FRAs, EWS1s, tender documents and more



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