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25 May 2021

Our building safety team will be visiting Ducketts Apartments this week as part of this ongoing programme.  This is to look at the potential solutions from our initial review of the building’s external wall. 

You may notice some members of our team with our fire safety consultants, M10 Fire Consultancy, carrying out inspections in and around your building on Wednesday 26 May. Where internal observations are required, we will of course use empty homes where possible, but there is a chance that we may need to enter some occupied apartments for a few minutes so that we can conduct visual inspections. Our operatives will be carrying photo ID and adhering to Covid-19 guidelines, including social distancing and the use of face masks.  

Once we have the results of the investigations and an analysis of the options for any remedial works that might be recommended, we will share these with you and we expect to be able to update you before the end of the summer.

We constantly update the information on this page so please refer back for the latest revision.

We have included all of the information that we currently have here, but if you have further questions that are not covered in our Q&A document, please contact the project team at 

Current Safety Advice

Current fire safety advice

Current fire safety advice specific to the location

Project Overview

Project overview

Background information on the project

Important Docs

Important documents

Here you will find FRAs, EWS1s, tender documents and more



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