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Latest update from Eastgate

We are planning to remove and replace the external wall insulation system at Eastgate, Woking. 

We'll be providing updates from our contractor on this page, and you'll be able to access our FAQs and any other news about the project here too.

Building Safety Fund Update

We have now received confirmation that our application for a grant from the government’s Building Safety Fund to cover costs for the external wall system remedial work has been successful. The preliminary stages of this work are underway and we expect that you will soon see more activity on site as the specialist contractors mobilise to begin the next phase of work.

Additional strengthening works

We've previously written to all residents to let you know that the original developer of the buildings at Eastgate (including the next door building) has identified that they need to do some precautionary strengthening work to the buildings. They have been working in the undercroft parking area and have informed us that they also need to do some further work inside the building. This work is not related to the building safety work to the external wall insulation. We've added in a page on this microsite to give more details and we'll be talking to any residents affected by this work directly. Please note there will be no charge for this work but there will be some disruption which Barratts will keep to a minimum. We are sorry for the additional inconvenience caused by this additional work.

Please check back here regularly for updates.

Find out more about what is happening at Eastgate in the sections below:

We constantly update the information on this page so please refer back for the latest revision.

Current Safety Advice

Current fire safety advice

Current fire safety advice specific to the location

Project Overview

Project overview

Background information on the project

Important Docs

Important documents

Here you will find FRAs, EWS1s, tender documents and more



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