Eaton Place

Find out more about what is happening at Eaton Place in the sections below:

Project overview

This section was last updated 8 April 2022

A previous fire safety inspection at Eaton Place identified that additional building safety works are required to the external fascia and in some internal areas of the block.

As we do not yet know the extent of the works required, the next stage will require our contractors to undertake detailed investigations of the external areas of the building. This will require scaffolding to be erected to external areas of the building, and you will see operatives working at height. 

Our appointed contractors have completed detailed investigations of the external areas of the building, and we are now waiting for the fire engineers to provide the summary report. We understand this will be available to us by the end of April 2022. Once we have this report, we will be able to update residents further regarding timelines and next steps.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss this with us further, please contact us via the Service Centre on 0300 303 1773 or email

What steps have we taken at Eaton Place?

1. We have undertaken preliminary investigation work into the External Wall System (EWS) at Eaton Place

2. We have appointed VINCI Facilities to carry out any required work on your block. This includes further investigation and the possible removal and reinstatement of the external wall insulation and cladding

3. We have changed the evacuation policy of the buildings from a Stay Put to a Full Evacuation

4. We have installed radio-linked detection systems into all homes

What happens next?

1. We are expecting the fire engineer's report to be with us before the end of April 2022. 

2. Once we have received the report, there will be a period of assessment as we understand what the recommendations are. After we have completed this, we will be able to provide a more detailed timeline and overview of the programme of works required, and we will let residents know what will happen next.

3. We will keep this microsite updated with information as this becomes available

Current fire safety advice

This section was last updated 24 January 2022

Your safety is our priority, so please ensure you follow the following safety advice:

  • Make sure you have a working smoke alarm – If you notice your smoke alarm not working or damaged please contact the Service Centre and they can organise a replacement. Find our contact number here.
  • Do not use lifts if there is a fire.

We’ve listed some of the things that can be a fire hazard on balconies and these include:

  • Smoking materials – of any description including the smoking of cigarettes.
  • Barbeques
  • Candles
  • Heaters
  • Screening or matting of any description
  • Rubbish or materials for recycling
  • Mirrors and glass ornaments that may focus the sun’s rays
  • Fuel or flammable liquids
  • Storage - for example small sheds

If you have any of these items on your balcony or anything else that could cause a fire please would you make sure that these are removed as soon as possible. If you need any assistance with removing anything please let us know - we would be happy to advise.

  • Keep corridors and exits clear – Obstructions can block your and others escape route, fuel the fire and prevent the fire service getting in to put out the fire.
  • Don’t leave items like bikes, buggies or mobility scooters in communal corridors.
  • If there is a fire, the evacuation policy is to leave the building straight away and to not re-enter until the Fire Brigade advises it is safe to do so
Important documents

This section was last updated 24 January 2022

Fire Risk Assessments

FRA coming soon


Not yet available

Resident Updates

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Frequently asked questions

This page was last updated 4 March 2022

How tall are the blocks at Eaton Place?

Stratford House is 17.45 metres tall, and Weymouth House measures 14.25 metres. 

What steps have we taken at Eaton Place?

Our experts have completed preliminary investigations into the building materials used at Eaton Place. We have identified the need for further investigation and possible remedial work, and have appointed VINCI Facilities to undertake this work.

What are you doing to ensure residents are safe?

While we carry out the more detailed investigations into the remedial work and get on with the work itself, we have taken advice from the fire brigade and our fire safety engineers to make sure that your homes have the right additional precautions in place to ensure your safety in the event of a need to evacuate the buildings.

All site operatives and VINCI staff carry photo identification. If you have any doubts about the validity of someone’s ID, please call the Liaison & Community Manager on 07824 868887 to verify their identity.

Timing of the work 

We are currently awaiting full details of the required works from the fire engineer. As soon as we have this, we will be able to update residents as to what work is needed, how long it will take, and when it is likely to take place.

What work will be taking place?

As soon as we have the fire engineer's report, we will let all residents know what work will be needed. As well as the building safety work, our contractors will also be undertaking some work to the external and internal parts of the buildings. This includes completing a structural survey to assess any movement of the building. We will also be taking the opportunity to remediate some water ingress issues in the building, repair some broken panels on balconies, and undertake some plumbing maintenance.

Can I stay in my home during the work? 

Yes, we think so. Due to the nature of the work needed, we think it is likely that we will be able to carry out the work without the need to move anyone out of their homes. But it does sometimes happen that we discover, in scoping and planning the work, that we may need access to the interiors of some homes. If that is necessary, we will discuss this with you beforehand.

Will road access be affected?

The work will not affect your ability to access or exit your block, although there may be some periods of controlled traffic when we have delivery and heavy goods vehicles. When this happens, we will notify you of any local disruption.

How will these affect the building?

To complete our investigations, we will need to erect a scaffold to all levels of the building.

Please remember scaffolding comes with potential hazards. While it is in place please be aware of the following:

  • You should advise your household insurer that scaffolding (unalarmed) is in place and update them when it is removed
  • We will do everything we can to make the scaffolding as secure as possible
  • Ladders will be removed/locked at the end of the working day to prevent unauthorized access
  • Residents should keep windows closed when the property is unoccupied and overnight
  • To protect privacy, residents may wish to keep curtains and blinds closed during working hours
  • Please keep children away from open windows so they cannot climb onto any dangerous scaffolding
  • Do not climb or walk on a scaffold structure under any circumstances as this can be dangerous and your health/life may be at risk
  • If you see anyone on the scaffold outside of working hours, please report it to the police
  • We need access to all areas around the outside perimeter of the building, so please make sure there are no obstacles
  • If you have a vehicle, please ensure it is not parked where it could cause an obstruction or potentially be damaged.
  • Please remove personal belongings from all working areas or balconies to prevent damage or accidents
  • We can not be responsible for any loss or damage of belongings kept around the working areas, including loss of TV/satellite reception or breach of security while the scaffolding is in place.
  • Please keep children and pets away from the work areas for their safety and to prevent accidents.

What should I do if there’s a fire?

You should follow the current fire safety advice for your building.

Will residents be charged for the costs of the remedial work?

Your safety is our first priority. As a matter of principle we want to assure you that questions about how building safety remedial work is funded never stand in the way of us getting that work done.

We do not know how much the work is likely to cost at this stage but we are working on getting that information as quickly as possible.

We can reassure residents that there will be no charge to them for this work. The works are not chargeable to social rented tenants, and as a result, these residents will not be impacted by depreciation.

Intermediate Rent or Market Rent tenants will have the cost of this work covered by the service charge they already pay, without change to their level of payment. 

How can I find out more?

We'll be updating these pages whenever there is new information. When the project begins, we will be arranging meetings and drop-in sessions for residents to enable them to ask questions of the project team. We will contact you when these are taking place.