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As you will be aware, Southern Housing Group recently commissioned a feasibility study to assess the building safety works that will be needed at Pankhurst Avenue. The purpose of this study was to allow us to get a full picture of what is required, and from there, be able to advise residents in regards to potential costs and timings.

We had expected to have received the report from our consultants by now, but we have been advised that there is a small delay in the processing of the report. As a result, we are not able to give the information you have been waiting for as quickly as we would have liked.

Once we have the report, which we are now expecting in early September 2021, we will need a little time to assess the findings, as it is important that we have all the details required. Once we have completed this assessment, we will be contacting residents again with details of an open meeting in order to take you through the next steps, and enable you to ask questions.

We know that this is an anxious time for residents, and will be organising this for the earliest possible date.

Current Safety Advice

Current fire safety advice

Current fire safety advice specific to the location

Project Overview

Project overview

Background information on the project

Important Docs

Important documents

Here you will find FRAs, EWS1s, tender documents and more



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