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This page was last updated 15 March 2022

Latest updates from Pankhurst Avenue

Residents may have recently received a letter regarding inspections taking place at Pankhurst Avenue during the w/c 14 March 2022. This letter is in regards to what is known as a Type 4 Fire Risk Assessment (FRA). This is a required document that we, as landlords, must produce in order to demonstrate that certain areas of the building as in satisfactory condition. We are doing these assessments across all of our buildings as part of our Building Safety Programme.

This Type 4 Assessment is not connected to the ongoing work into the External Wall System (EWS). For the EWS work, we are waiting for the final recommendations from the fire assessors so we can proceed with the next steps. We are currently chasing the details of this, and will report back to residents as soon as we have the findings.

Our technical team is working with the fire engineers to agree the best technical solution to repair and replace the imperfect and missing fire barriers at Pankhurst Avenue. We will let you know more about this as the discussions progress.

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Pankhurst Avenue is below 18m in height.

The property was built in 2014, and the design met all the building and fire safety regulations at that time.

In 2019, changes were made to building regulations. As a result, building management teams across the country must now make sure all buildings are compliant with these new regulations.

Investigations on the building have concluded and they have identified areas of the building that require remediation in order to meet the updated building regulations.

It’s part of the second phase of our building safety programme which is now underway. You can find out more about how our building safety programme works, general guidance for leaseholders who are looking to sell or remortgage and what to expect here.

We have received requests from residents for a copy of the latest expert report. Our legal team have instructed us not to disclose the reports in their entirety because they have been prepared in contemplation of litigation and because we intend to use them in any third party claim that is made. Therefore we require the contents of the reports to remain in confidence. We are, however, happy to share summaries of the report with residents.

We will update this microsite regularly with all available information and documentation where available.

Our Building Safety Programme

Following updated government guidance on building safety we have a building safety programme in place which is systematically checking all the buildings we own to ensure that they comply with the updated safety advice. More information is available here.

What steps have we taken at Pankhurst Avenue?

1. Undertaken an intrusive survey

Our experts have undertaken and completed an intrusive survey to determine the compliance of materials used in the construction of the façade at 83-89 Pankhurst Avenue. 

2. Reviewed the preliminary findings

We have received the architect's report and reviewed the findings. 

3. The investigation showed that:

·  Pankhurst Avenue could expect to receive a B2 EWS1 rating 

·  There are some external areas of the building that are missing cavity barriers and will require remediation works  

·  The external façade to all three blocks at Pankhurst Avenue consists of the following types of materials: 
- ArGeTon (cream in colour) rainscreen panels 
- Brickwork to the lower ground floors 
- Velfac 200 window system
- Trespa Meteon (green in colour) rainscreen panels (HPL-type) 
- Celotex PIR insulation 

4. Feasibility study 

In assessing the work required at Pankhurst Avenue, our contractors have undertaken a further in-depth study. This will give us more details about the level and type of work that is needed to remediate the building and upgrade the current expected EWS1 grade of B2 to B1 status. and which will include timeframes and estimated costs. We are currently awaiting the results of this report, and these are expected in September 2021.

What are we doing to ensure residents are safe?

We have been assured by specialist fire engineers that no additional fire safety measures are needed in the building. Therefore, we would like to reassure you that the current fire safety procedures and other building safety precautions that are in place mean that there is no undue cause for alarm. Your safety is paramount, and we are committed to keeping this situation under review on an ongoing basis as we get more information.  

Find out more about on fire safety.

What happens next?

1. Reporting back

We will contact residents as soon as we have received the feasibility report and have assessed the contents. We will then organise a residents meeting to take you through the findings and enable you to ask questions.

2. Legal Activity 

The Group remains committed to avoiding passing costs to residents, if possible, and we have appointed a legal team from Devonshires who will continue to explore all possible avenues to recover costs from third parties. We will start the section 20 process, if required, at the appropriate time. Section 20 is the legal process we must follow which provides a mechanism for residents to be consulted and feedback regarding service charge costs. We will keep you fully informed at every stage. 

3. EWS1 Form 
Under the updated RICS guidance (page 8), applicable from 5 April 2021, an EWS1 form will now be appropriate for Pankhurst Avenue. As the current expert advice is that the building in its current state would likely get an expected B2 rating which could cause issues with lenders or buyers, we will wait until the remedial works are complete when a higher rating should be achieved. Once the remediation upgrade works have been completed, we will arrange for an EWS1 form to be produced as quickly as possible.