Project overview

This page was last updated 24 June 2021

Southdown House is a six storey building, which was completed in 2009, meeting all building and fire safety regulations of the time.

In 2019, changes were made to building regulations. As a result, building management teams across the country must now make sure all buildings are compliant with these new regulations.

Who are all of the parties involved at Southdown House?

Aside from residents, there are a number of parties involved at Southdown House.

  • The Freeholder is Eclipse Group Rents Ltd

  • Austin Rees is the External Managing Agent (EMA). Austin Rees is instructed to act on behalf of the Right to Manage Company (RTM), The Southdown House Right To Manage Company, to manage Southdown House in accordance with the lease

  • Southern Housing Group is the HeadLessee for the affordable homes within the scheme, including the Shared Ownership homes there. 

A headlease is the primary lease agreement that is signed between Southern Housing Group (as the tenant) and the Freeholder (the landlord). We have then entered into individual sublease or tenancy agreements with our home owners and tenants.

As headlease holders at Southdown House, we are not actively involved in the current fire safety works investigation or responsible for organising or completing any building safety work. We will however work closely with all the relevant stakeholders in order to represent the interests of our residents in this programme as it progresses and ensure that the terms of our lease are fully complied with and residents are kept informed.

What do we understand the current position to be at Southdown House?

We understand that an External Wall Survey (EWS) was completed in May 2021, and Southdown House was issued with a B2 rating. As a result, some remedial work will be required in order to bring the building to a B1 rating, which is the level that most mortgage providers will consider lending upon.

Austin Rees is working with both the developer and the freeholder of the building to understand what work may be required, and is awaiting confirmation from fire engineers regarding any need for immediate interim measures. As soon as we have further information on this, we will inform residents.