Project overview

This page was last updated 25 April 2021

Our Building Safety Programme

Following updated government guidance on building safety we have a building safety programme in place which is systematically checking all the buildings we own to ensure that they comply with the updated safety advice. More information is available here.

What steps have we taken at The Round House

1. Completed preliminary investigations

Our experts have completed preliminary investigations into the building materials used at The Round House and we have received the architect and engineer’s draft preliminary findings.

2. Review the preliminary findings

We have reviewed the initial findings. These have unfortunately revealed that we need to carry out some remedial work to the buildings to ensure that they comply with the government’s guidelines. The exact extent of these has yet to be determined.

3. The preliminary investigation showed that:

·  Work is required to install cavity barriers around window openings within the brickwork (vertical sides and sills). It should be noted this would only allow a B1 classification because of the retained insulation. If an A1/A2 classification is required, it would be necessary to replace the insulation behind the brickwork with a non-combustible alternative

·  There should be a removal of the rainscreen panels, replacing the insulation with a non-combustible alternative, and an installation of cavity barriers at compartment lines and around openings and replace the rainscreen panels

·  Work is needed to replace render system with non-combustible system meeting current standards

·  Further investigation is required to confirm the extent of composite panels with combustible insulation and those with non-combustible insulation

·  There is a need to replace the composite panels containing combustible insulation with panels with non-combustible insulation

·  Work is required to replace the timber balcony decking with a non-combustible alternative

What are you doing to ensure residents are safe?

While we carry out the more detailed investigations into the remedial work, we have taken advice from the fire brigade and our fire safety engineers. The advice they have given helps us make sure that your homes have the right additional precautions in place to ensure your safety in the event of a need to evacuate the buildings.

This advice is that:

1. We should install additional smoke detection and alarms to supplement the existing system. We contacted residents and leaseholders in January to let them know that this was taking place. Contractors are on site, and work is progressing.

2. Changing the fire evacuation policy to simultaneously evacuate
While we complete the remedial works, we have changed the evacuation policy today from “stay put” to “evacuate” in the event of a fire. We have changed the signage in your buildings to reflect this.

More information on fire safety is included on our website here.

What happens next?

1. We will be investigating the remedial works required and producing a detailed programme of work for you to see.

2. We will be communicating regularly about progress - please make sure we have your most up to date email address so that we can send you updates.

3. We will keep this microsite updated with information as this becomes available.