We recognise that renting a garage can be essential for many of our customers.  That’s why we manage our garage rental process and termination of garages effectively.

Garage availability can depend on the area you live as we don’t have garages in all the areas where we have properties. Expand the section below about renting a garage to find out where we have garages and apply.  

Expand the section below about ending your garage tenancy to terminate the use of a garage.

Renting a garage

If you would like to enquire about renting a garage in your local area, you can:

Please make sure that you're able to pay for the garage and that it's only for your personal use and not to be used commercially. Once we receive your enquiry we will get back to you within five working days.

Garage FAQs

Who can apply for a garage?

We rent out garages to both our residents (tenants, leaseholders and shared-owners) and non-residents, however - non-residents will have a lower priority than residents. Please note that the prices differ between people who have a connection with Southern Housing Group and those who don't. People who don't have a connection to the Group, and commercial organisations will be charged VAT. Southern Housing Group residents (or non-residents) will be charged VAT for a second or subsequent garage.

How do we allocate garages?

We allocate garages on a first come first served basis. However, we give priority to our residents who have a Blue Badge. You can submit your interest in a garage by using the form below or by contacting our Customer Service Centre. Once a garage becomes available, we will get in touch to confirm the pricing and to help with any questions you may have. Should you wish to go ahead, we’ll post you two copies of our garage licence for you to sign; one is for you to keep and the other copy will need to be sent back to us using the prepaid envelope that is sent with the licences. Once the licence has been returned, we will contact you to take your first month’s rent payment as well as helping you set up a direct debit for future payments. When this is all complete we’ll send you the keys or code to the garage.

What can I store in a garage?

You can use your garage to store a vehicle or your personal goods and furniture, but we ask that you don’t use it as a workshop. We do not allow you to store commercial goods, perishable goods, illegal goods, un-taxed or un-roadworthy vehicles, flammable or explosive substances in the garage.


Garages are first come, first served - however we don’t have garages in all the areas where we have properties. Please see the table below which shows which areas we have garages in.






Cyprus Street


Overhill Road


Cazenove Road


Samuel Lewis Estates


Sutton Court


Jubilee Court


Campbell Court


Elizabeth Court


Helen Court

Isle of Wight

Elm Lake

  St Swithens
  Field Place
  Lake Green Road
  Edinburgh Road
  Groves Close
  Basketts Lane
  Hazely Combe
  Merstone Lane
  Flitcroft Gardens
  School Close
  Gloucester Road
  St Johns Road
  Martine Close
Dorset Marion Court
East Sussex Lakeside Court
Hampshire Reading House
  Spring Court
West Sussex Gregory Court
  Ottley Way
  Wallis House
  Ellis Road
Wiltshire Thorney Park
  Farmers Cottages
Kent Orchard Court
  Pilgrim Springs
  Hyde Court
  Ethlebert Road
  Queens Parade


Apply for a garage

Apply for a garage

If you have any further queries regarding garages please contact our Customer Service Centre or e-mail

Click here for our Private Notice - Renting of a garage 


Ending your garage tenancy

If you want to terminate your garage tenancy, please read the notes below and complete the form.

1. Tenancies may be terminated by giving one week’s notice ending on a Sunday.

2. Instructions regarding locks and keys:

a. Integral lock with key – the garage must be secured and all garage keys must be returned to Southern Housing Group, using the prepaid padded envelope that we'll supply. We'd suggest that you obtain a proof of postage receipt.

b. Southern Housing Group padlock with key – the garage must be secured with the padlock and all keys returned to Southern Housing Group, using the prepaid padded envelope that we'll supply. We'd suggest that you obtain a proof of postage receipt.

c. Southern Housing Group combination lock – we will send you instructions on how to reset your combination lock number before you give up your garage.

3. The garage must be cleared of all items and left in a clean condition – unwanted items must be disposed of and not deposited in the garage compound. If we need to clear away any such unwanted items, we'll recharge you the costs.

4. We'll send you a formal acknowledgement of this notice as confirmation of your request with further instructions, which you should retain for use in the event of a query.

5. The same number of keys that you received at the start of your tenancy must be returned upon termination.

Garage termination

Garage termination