Buildings insurance

As an owner or part owner of your home, you'll be paying Southern Housing Group an insurance fee as part of your service charge.

The buildings insurance cover we provide is individual to your property. The policy covers all the normal perils such as fire, flood, vandalism, and subsidence.

There's an excess of £250 which all leaseholders have to pay for each and every claim they submit, this increases to £1,000 for subsidence related claims. Along with the above excess, Insurers have added an extra excess of £350 for “wet perils” (Flooding/water leaks etc).

In order to claim you're required to contact directly Zurich Municipal on 0800 917 7207. If you're claiming for theft or malicious damage, you must have a valid crime reference number, which is issued by the police when you report the incident. This reference number must be obtained prior to submitting the claim. Please see the summary of cover for leaseholders and shared owners.

Some of our stock is managed by External Management Agents (EMAs) who also have responsibility for insuring those properties, which means claims need to be submitted to them directly. However, this doesn't apply to all properties managed by EMAs.

If you're unsure about who has responsibility for insuring the property you live in, please refer to your regional Housing Officer who will be able to clarify this for you. Your local Housing Officer or Caretaker will be able to provide you with their contact details.

If you're renting with us, your buildings insurance cover is included within the rent you pay. Regardless of your tenure type, whether you're a leaseholder or rent a home with us, it's your sole responsibility to take out contents insurance.

For all insurance related queries, please email