Rent and money matters

One of your main responsibilities as a resident is to pay your rent and any service charge in full and on time.

Find out the ways to pay your rent. If you experience problems with your rent contact us immediately so that we can help you.

We’ll soon be writing to you with your annual rent and service charge letter. It will explain how much rent you’ll need to pay us from April 2023. Read our FAQs here.

*Please note:  Southern Housing Group (SHG) merged with Optivo to form a new housing provider called Southern Housing in December 2022. The information on this website is appropriate for residents that live in homes previously managed by SHG. If your home was previously managed by Optivo please visit the Optivo website for the information about rent and service charge updates that is appropriate to you.


Your rent is due weekly and in advance and must be received by us on Monday of each week. If you prefer you can arrange with us to pay your rent on a monthly or four weekly basis in advance.


Your service charge is due either weekly or monthly in advance, depending on your lease with us. If you want to know your balance or have any questions about your payments contact us.

Some homeowners also pay an amount each year called 'ground rent', which is usually due on 1 April.

Shared owners

If you are a shared owner, you will possibly pay a service charge and a rent on the portion of the property that you do not own. This is called the 'specified rent' and will be outlined in your lease agreement. Please ensure any rent payments are in advance.

Having problems with rent?

We have set out some of the main information within for anyone finding it difficult to manage their rent payments. If you have queries about your account – please get in touch.

For more information on your rights and responsibilities as a tenant or leaseholder visit the Residents' Handbook section.