Paying your rent and available support

Below you will find a number of different ways that you can pay your rent. If you are having difficulties paying then please call us - we have a range of options available and you can find out more here.

*Please note:  Southern Housing Group (SHG) merged with Optivo to form a new housing provider called Southern Housing in December 2022. The information on this website is appropriate for residents that live in homes previously managed by SHG. If your home was previously managed by Optivo please visit the Optivo website for the contact details and information about rent and service charge updates that is appropriate to you.


Way to pay Details
Direct Debit Setting up a direct debit is the easiest way for you to pay your rent or service charge. To set up or change a direct debit, please call our Customer Accounts Team on 01403 220440.
Online Simply visit our Payment system. You will need your Payment number to use this service - this will begin with either CS or SH.
Cash/Payment card Should you wish to pay using a payment card you can request one by e-mailing or phone the Customer Accounts Team on 01403 220440. Payment cards can be used to pay rent in Post Offices or at outlets that have the Paypoint sign.
Call us Call the 24 hour automated service line on 0300 303 1771 or call our Customer Accounts Team on 01403 220440 to pay over the phone. 

Click to read our Rent review FAQs . If you would like any further help, please email our Customer Accounts Team or you can call us on 01403 220440.