This page includes information on safeguarding vulnerable people within our communities and the work that we can all do to protect those around us.


What does Safeguarding mean?

Safeguarding means keeping people safe from harm, abuse and/or neglect

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I think someone is at risk, what should I do?

If you are concerned about someone who is a victim of abuse or neglect- report it

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Contact us and share a concern

You can raise concerns to us, and we will act to support the individual.

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Creating a safe environment, where people are respected and valued, is at the heart of Southern Housing Group. We take all your concerns and allegations of abuse, neglect, and harm seriously and work hard to keep you safe at all times. Safeguarding vulnerable people is everyone’s responsibility.

We can all support the safeguarding of people and communities by:

  • Understanding what safeguarding means
  • Being aware of the types of abuse and neglect
  • Knowing where to get help and support
  • Supporting people to make informed decisions and choices about the way they live
  • Working together to report concerns
    Working together to prevent abuse and neglect
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  • Find your local number:
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